The Resort


Harnessing our cultural texture, natural beauties, hospitality, refined style, understanding of luxury service, and a story that goes back 7000 years; we, as Biblos, create magnificent holiday experiences where you create unforgettable moments in the most exclusive locations of the Aegean.

Through the painstaking work of our professional team, who share the same passion to be the best in order to bring perfection every moment in which you are our guest, our biggest goal is to provide you with priceless moments and marvelous experiences.

We are fully committed to the idea of bringing you unbridled joy with our values ​​embodied in the vision of always being one step ahead with innovative ideas, technologies and applications, as part of our devotion to novelty and change.

We believe that it is our privilege to support sustainability. Our appreciation and environment-conscious approach towards nature and the world are represented in every material we use, every ecological hospitality practice we adopt, and every dish prepared with the concept of “freshness from farm to table”.

We continue to bring you the perfect Biblos experience, taking new initiatives every day to further improve our impact on the world.