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About Us


Biblos Resorts is not only a blend of its long history of excellence and the cultural textures of its locations. It is also the embodiment of its core values that guides us in our ambition to raise the bar in hospitality, to grow, to evolve, and to never lose sight of our objective to be better. Our core values define us and seep into every aspect of our service to make sure you always know the human heart beating behind the scenes.

Biblos Resorts offers you the most unforgettable holiday experience you have ever had, while perfectly adapting to the texture and the heritage of the location. We see it as our duty to preserve the local cultural riches, historical heritages, and the fabric of life that hosts us and colours every moment.

Biblos’s legendary service concept is at work to bring every moment you are our guest to perfection. Versatility is at the base of our complete and sincere approach to meet the individual needs and preferences of each guest, promising a service that considers every detail throughout your stay.

One of the most important values ​​for us as a Biblos brand is development and progress. With our devoted approach to innovation and change, we always strive to be one step ahead with brand-new ideas, technologies and practices in the services we provide in hospitality.

The primary value of Biblos Resort is our sustainability approach that stands out in every area we serve. As Biblos, our gratitude and love for nature and the world manifests itself in every material we use, in the gardens we create, and in every menu prepared with the understanding of “fresh from farm to the table”.