Inspired by the ancient Phoenician capital Byblos that led the golden age of the region as the focal point of culture and trade in the Mediterranean about 7000 years ago, BIBLOS Resorts Projects, localizes Alaçatı for its first site as one of the most attractive destinations for those seeking a sophisticated and refined holiday experience.


Drawing its logo from the peerless symbol of Hippocampi depicted in Roman mosaics, captured in the Trevi fountain and guarding the Croesus treasure, BIBLOS Resort, Alaçatı brings a brand new management concept, serving its guests year around. From its courtyard hidden among palm trees to its stonemasonry architecture unique to Alaçatı and to the bohemian luxury of its rooms with their natural furnishing, BIBLOS has been designed with an authentic concept with 110 m2 suites, rooms that speak to all tastes and its mesmerizing atmosphere to offer its guests so much more than comfort. 

Turkey’s first luxury thermal spa Alatia Spa, BIBLOS BEACH CLUB along the world-renowned sea of Alaçatı and OLEA that offers delectable refreshments throughout the day, BIBLOS Resorts, Alaçatı is ready to become the most exclusive address for Alaçatı summers…