Alaçatı, Çeşme

An Aegean tale that generously shares its historical and natural richness, the colourfulness of its streets, the diversity of its tables and its never-ending energy for four seasons…

Alaçatı offers hundreds of years of life culture with its warm winds, blue water, sparkling sun, fresh air, magnificent nature, fresh pastures and characteristic stone texture.

It is one of the most special centres of tourism with its restaurants, flavoured with the hidden flavours of the Aegean, beach parties competing with the most entertaining holiday centre of the world Mykonos, some of the numbered the cultural and historical riches of the world, festivals and its proximity to the Greek islands.

Alaçatı is one of the few windsurfing paradises in the world with its winds blowing all year long, sheltered bays and shallow waters, welcoming hundreds of thousands of surfers from across the world each year.

See you in Alaçatı, the most exquisite address of the Aegean where you will be enraptured by beautiful stone houses, cute bay windows, cobbled streets, and the scent of lavender and thyme.

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