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Dating back to around the 14th century, , the charming port town of Alacati offers a laid back sophisticated seaside break on the Turkish Aegean coast with its calming turquoise sea, ivorycoloured stone houses opening to narrow streets lined with cosy outdoor cafés and tasty restaurants.

The first thing that comes to mind when you say Alaçatı is undoubtedly the historical stone houses, many of which have been living for more than a hundred years…

Alaçatı has a very well preserved history and there are 1.300 stone houses that are still being preserved. Alaçatı Houses, built using soft colored stones specific to the region and which were extracted from stone quarries on Balanbaka Mountain usually consist of garden, bay windows and two-storey buildings. We are sure that you will be fascinated by these unique structures, which ensure the special mortar used in the architecture, keeping the houses cold in summer and warm in winter.Alaçatı Stone Houses are located just 5 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Stone windmills dating back to 1800s, which became the symbol of Alaçatı, are the oldest structures of the region. In one of the high points of the village center, four stone mills rising side by side, with its lush green surroundings and a tea garden in front, await you to tell the stories of the past.

The Historic Windmills are located just 5 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Another historical wealth of Alaçatı is the Pazar Yeri Mosque, which was converted from a church and restored three years ago… 

It is also possible to pray by closing the preserved icons with the help of a curtain. Another beauty of the mosque is the mosaics adorned with black and white pebbles covering the entire courtyard…

This 100-year-old stonemasonry, called podima or kroka (crocodile ridge), is particularly worth seeing…

Pazar Yeri Mosque is 6.2 km from
Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

The name Hacımemiş has a very special meaning for Alaçatı. The name of the person who led the construction of a village in the 1800s that laid the foundation of Alaçatı and the famous Alaçatı houses we know today is Hacımemiş… Today, Alaçatı is a land that reflects its soul with all its nobility and warmth, blending old and new…

Hacımemiş, region that carries the traces of history to today without losing much of its essence, does not lose its sense of neighborhood, and is almost a liberated region… With its architecture without compromising the stone texture of Alaçatı, antique shops, galleries, design shops and ateliers, you will feel the art in your soul. Don’t forget to spend time in the delightful cafes and restaurants of Hacımemiş accompanied by different tastes.

Hacımemiş neighborhood is located just 5 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı. Alaçatı Marina is the face of Çeşme peninsula which opens to South Aegean …


The sailboats and boats it hosts usually travel along the route of Seferihisar, Samos, Furni, Ikaria, Patmos, Arki, Lipsi, Leros. Alaçatı Marina also makes possible for you to enjoy daily sea pleasure in the uninhabited bays nearby... We recommend you to try the exquisite tastes of the delightful restaurants of the marina, which has surf schools, beach and swimming platform right next to it.

Alaçatı Marina is within walking distance of Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Alaçatı Bazaar is almost as famous as Alaçatı Alaçatı Bazaar, which comes to sell the goods of fruit and vegetable producers of the villages and towns of Izmir, has been established in the city center every Saturday since 1994.

You can have a very special local experience with the warm atmosphere of the bazaar where you can find fresh local delicacies such as vegetables and fruits, local herbs, olive oil and cheeses from the direct vineyards and gardens of the villagers, as well as textile products, hand laces, linen products, accessories and beach equipment.

A little note: The bazaars established in Ilica on Thursday and in Çeşme, Urla and Seferihisar Sığacık on Sundays are other alternatives for those who missed the Alaçatı Bazaar.

Alaçatı Bazaar is 5,2 km from Biblos

Resort, Alaçatı.

Opening-Closing Hours:

The Bazaar is established on Sundays, Saturdays and Thursdays.

08.00 22.00



Oasis Aquapark, the biggest entertainment center of Alaçatı, is one of the stops we can recommend for those who want to spend a different day...
In addition to the swimming pool, wave pool, children’s animation pool, you can enjoy the fun at Oasis Aquapark with ten exciting slides such as Aqua Tower, Space Race, Freefall and King Cobra where you can have fun under the waterfalls. We also recommend that you do not miss a variety of live performances and parties held on special occasions.

Oasis Aquapark is located 10 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı. Free shuttle from the hotel.

Opening-Closing Hours:
Every day of the week 10.00 – 17.45


The legendary entertainment venue Cahide that has branded Istanbul nights for years, is one of the most exclusive addresses for vibrant Alaçatı nights with its extraordinary tastes, magnificent shows and charming ambiance
Standing out with its dishes as well as its entertainment, Cahide Alaçatı is the must-visit venue for an unforgettable night.

Cahide Alaçatı is located 5 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı. Free shuttle from the hotel. Opening-Closing Hours:
Between June - September
20.00 – 02.00

You can add colorful experIences to your holiday pleasure by participating in festivals that are held throughout the year..




320 archaeological, 126 ethnographic artifacts and 31 coins, together with a total of 477 works await their guests in all their glory in the Archaeological Museum of Çeşme, located in the historical Çeşme Castle, where works from Erythrai, Çeşme district center, Alaçatı and Kalemburnu region are exhibited. The museum can be visited every day except Monday.

Çeşme Museum is located 15 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Opening-Closing Hours:
Every day of the week
Summer Term: 08.00 – 20.00
Winter Term: 08.30 – 18.00

Çeşme Marina is one of the most important yacht harbors of the Eastern Mediterranean which has the capacity of 400 boats at sea and 100 boats on land and can serve yachts up to 60 meters long.

It is one of the attraction centers where you can have a pleasant time in the region with its unique shops, shopping and entertainment spots…
Çeşme Marina is located 15 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.


The castle, built in rectangular form by 2nd Beyazıt in 1508 has a magnificent view with its 6 towers and ditches on three sides. When you visit the historical castle where various cultural art events, festivals and concerts are held today, don’t forget to take a photo with the statue of the Great Turkish commander, Admiral in Chief Algerian Hasan Pasha with his lion.

Çeşme Castle is located 15 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Opening-Closing Hours:
Every day of the week
Summer Term: 08.00 – 20.00
Winter Term: 08.30 – 18.00


The archeological findings uncovered in Ildırı, which was called Erythrai, meaning “Red City” in Greek due to the red color of the city soil in ancient times, show that the settlement in the region dates back to the Bronze Age. Just 20 minutes away, Ildırı is a must-see list with its impressive texture... Ildırı is 22,7 km from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Opening-Closing Hours:
Every day of the week
Summer Term: 08.00-19.00
Winter Term: 08.30 - 18.30



Urla, which draws attention with its historical, cultural, natural riches and local delicacies, is next to İzmir but it is far away from the chaos of the city. Urla, one of the oldest settlements in the Aegean region, is also one of the oldest known ports in the world… It is also home to the oldest known olive oil craftsmanship of Anatolia, which became an important trade center especially in olive oil production in ancient times. Another reason to visit Urla is the world famous wines and the Urla Vineyard Road… Here you can stop by each other’s delightful vineyard houses and make a delicious stop for the day with wine tastings accompanied by delicious local cheeses.

Urla is 42 km from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı


It is known that the first center of Klazomenai, one of the 12 Ionian cities, located on the area just in front of today’s Urla pier, was moved to the island directly opposite the pier in fear of being attacked by the Persians. Be sure to visit Klazomenai, the oldest harbor in history, the oldest olive oil production facility dating back to the 6th century BC and the Limantepe Mound, which emerged during the Chalcolithic Age.

Klazomenai is 81,5 km from Biblos
Resort, Alaçatı.

Summer Term: 08.00-19.00
Winter Term: 08.30 – 17.30


If you want to look at the Aegean from a different point in the shade of the gum trees that give the island its name, this lovely island of Greece stands right in front of you. The island, which offers you the opportunity to disappear in the blue, and where you will enjoy a feast of flavor on the other side, is known for its gumwood and the indigenous people who extract the gum.

The island is composed of about 20 villages and settlements were established in the 14th and 15th centuries. The island, which was the scene of a massacre in 1822 and survived an earthquake, is also known as Chios...
You can go and come back to Chios, which is 45 minutes away from Çeşme, with daily tours. You will love the characteristic streets, friendly people, conversations with tradesmen who speak Turkish and delicious menus.

Çeşme Port, which you should use to go to Chios, is 15 minutes away from Biblos Resort, Alacatı.

Ancient City of Ephesus

The ancient capital of Anatolia,
Ephesus, a magnificent metropolis …
In this mega ancient city, whose unique architectural works have been standing for thousands of years, beside the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, based on the Anatolian mother goddess (Kybele) tradition, there are symbols of high-level urbanization, architecture and religious history belonging to different civilizations, especially Hellenistic and Roman. One of the most famous ruins identified with the Ephesus Ruins is the Celcus Library, which is admired by its enormous columns…

This library, which dates back to the 2nd century AD, is still standing as one of the most important libraries of antiquity after Alexandria and Pergamon. Izmir Ayasuluk Ruins, Izmir Ephesus Museum, Izmir St. Jean Ruins and Izmir Ephesus Terasevler located on the same route are among the historical riches that must be seen…
The ancient city of Ephesus is 115 km from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Opening-Closing Hours:
Every day of the week
Summer Term: 08.00-20.00
Winter Term: 08.30 – 17.30


This house, believed that the mother of Jesus Christ, spent her last years with St Jean (John) is very important place of worship for the Christians, which is considered a place of pilgrimage by the Vatican. The structure is reached by passing through the upper gate of the Ancient City. Christian historians say that the Virgin Mary lived here until the age of 101, and that her tomb was in a place that no one knew on Bülbül Mountain. While you’re here, don’t forget to write your wishes on a piece of paper and hang them on the wall next to the fountains.

The House of the Virgin Mary is located
115 km from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

Opening-Closing Hours:

Every day of the week
Summer Term: 08.00-18.00
Winter Term: 08.30 - 17.00


Şirince village, occupied by the emigrants as a result of the departure of the Greeks after the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923 is known for viticulture, wine-making and olives. Having gained a touristic identity since the 1990s, Şirince is an ideal choice for a perfect day with its characteristic Greek houses, architectural texture and lush nature…

Şirince is 150 km from Biblos
Resort, Alaçatı.



Izmir Alsancak streets, where luxury brands, restaurants and cafes are located, also host the city’s largest shopping malls.

Agora Shopping Center Balçova, İzmir Optimum Gaziemir, Özdilek İnciraltı Shopping Center İzmir, Mavibahçe Shopping Center and İstinye Park İzmir which are under construction with their hundreds of domestic and foreign big world brands, movie theaters, restaurants and cafes full of flavor and shopping malls with children’s amusement parks are from the addresses we can recommand for shopping enthusiasts…
The bazaar, which is among the largest shopping centers in the world, is known as one of the favorite places of Izmir. When you turn your back to Izmir Clock Tower and enter Anafartalar Street, the Bazaar welcomes you with its historical buildings as soon as you step into the street. Inns, Turkish Baths, Mosques and shops with a very different structure are worth seeing…

The Bazaar is also home to the Kızlarağası Inn and Hisar Mosque. The places where you can have the best coffee in the bazaar are already in the Kızlaraağası Inn.

You can visit the bazaar every day at
09.00-20.00 hours.

The Clock Tower, which was built in 1901
to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II of the Ottoman Empire, is located in Konak Square and is considered the symbol of Izmir. Don’t forget to spend time here and feed the pigeons when you come to Izmir.

Museum and Art Centers in Izmir:

Izmir Archaeological Museum: Weekdays 09.30 – 17.30

Ethnography Museum: Weekdays 09.00 – 17.00

Atatürk Museum: Weekdays 09.00 – 17.30

Uşakizade Pavilion: 08.30 – 18.00 

Salepçioğlu Mosque: 09.00 – 20.00

Key Museum: 10.00 – 17.00 (Mon & Tuesday closed.)

Arkas Art Center: 10.00 – 18.00 (closed Mon.)

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