This information is given in order to perform the enlightenment liability as being a “Data Responsible” under the Law numbered 6698 on “Protection of Personal Data” (KVKK”). As being Biblos Alaçatı Resort Otel İnşaat ve Turizm Yatırımları Anonim Şirketi (BIBLOS RESORT ALAÇATI) we process and keep your personal data in compliance with the Law numbered 6698 on “Protection of Personal Data” (“KVK Law”). As being “Data Responsible” we process your personal within the limits defined by law. 

Our company might collect personal data in the physical or virtual media, verbally or written or in electronic media from the personal data given to the website of our company or the websites of the third parties to whom reservations can be made, electronic mail, social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) sharing, commercial e-mail consents, the persons registered in our company database, persons who made reservations, persons who took part in BIBLOS RESORT. ALAÇATI activities, persons who shared their personal data via business cards, CVs or in any other ways in order to establish a business relationship with our company, the persons who shared their personal information face to face or distantly (via internet or telephone) in any way with our Company or the business partners of our Company and might process such data. 

Our Customers’ communication information like name, surname, address, electronic mail address, telephone or fax numbers, and their personal information like date of birth, T.R. ID number, passport information and payment details might be recorded, kept at printed/magnetic archives, used, updated, shared, transferred or processed in any other way by our Company or third bodies and/or entities temporarily or permanently in order to receive the reservations verbally, written or in electronic media, to render our services, to improve our services, to solve systematic problems, to perform your payment transactions, to inform you about general and special campaigns, promotions, presentations and other such advantages, invitations and activities, to have the third parties performed technical, logistical or other such functions on behalf of our Company and to perform the distant sale agreement and other agreements. 

Our Company might share or transfer the personal data with/to business partners, intermediary service renderers, companies rendering software services, processing or storing data and real or juridical persons or consultants who render services to our Company in order to perform the processing aims defined above by ensuring the security of the data with confidentiality agreements within the legal limitations and to the extend required and aimed buy the relevant transactions. 

Personal data might be transferred within Turkey as defined above or abroad after processed within Turkey or to be processed and stored in abroad (to the countries having adequate measures for protection of personal data and/or the countries not having adequate measures provided to act in compliance with the requirements defined in KVKK). 

Furthermore, personal data might be shared with official bodies and entities that are authorized to demand and receive such data under legal requirements. 

Under the frame of Law numbered 6698 on “Protection of Personal Data” (KVKK), our guests have the following rights related to their personal data: 

– to learn if any part of your personal data has been processed or not
– to demand information on the processing activities if his personal data is processed
– to learn the aim of processing your personal data and if they are used for its purpose,
– to learn the relevant third parties to whom personal data transferred within Turkey or abroad
– to demand the correction of you personal data if it was incomplete or processed wrongly
– to demand the deletion or destruction of personal data if the reasons requiring the processing of personal data have been disappeared
– to demand the notification of the deleted information to the third parties if it was transferred.
– to object any negative conclusions against the person due to the processing of personal data exclusively via automatic systems
– to demand the indemnification of any damage or loss which might be suffered by you due to processing of your personal data against law 

In order to use your rights defined above, you can submit your signed petition containing your explanations about your right to be used to “Alaçatı Mahallesi 18012 Sokak No: 2/ A Çeşme –İzmir” written or in any other method defined in Law numbered 6698 on “Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) using the communication information published at our Company website. 

Any applications made for this purpose shall be concluded as soon as possible provided to be no more than 30 days. Such applications are free of charge. On the other hand, if extra cost has to be paid for the transaction, the amounts defined by Personal Data Protection Board might be applied.