Stunning Destinations

Explore the vibrant, Ancient Aegean Area and its historic destinations; home to some of the most fascinating sights and natural riches in the world.


Location of surfing enthusiasts…

Alaçatı is one the few surfing bays in the world, thus it is very likely for visitors to encounter world famous surfers and moreover it is very easy to experience this sport in the heaven of windsurf.

This little town of İzmir which has a unique wind, combines this sport of balance, self-confidence and physical endurance with deep blue sea of Aegean region.

You might as well experience this passionate sport in the world famous surf bay during the windy days of the year where Biblos is also located in.

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Accompany our cultural heritage…

Alaçatı is the attraction point of Aegean region with its nature full of wealth throughout four seasons, rich cuisine, narrow streets, bay houses, surf and wind…

In Alaçatı which is also known as the place where the wind dances with the sea which is famous for its windmills, you can surf side by side with the world famous surfers or enjoy the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Before roaming on its cobblestone narrow streets among stone houses, enjoying Aegean region’s rich and gourmet cuisine, trying the gum mastic flavored ice-cream, having a coffee in a café with blue blinds, visiting different shops and admiring the smell of lavender and thyme in the air, do not leave Alaçatı…

Alaçatı is located only 5 km. away from Biblos.

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Urla is one of the places that comes to mind when the topic is viticulture.

Think of a calm place full of peace between İzmir and Çeşme. Urla is the the unique city of Aegean region which was a home to many cultures, where you can inhale the nature among pine trees while the clear water refreshes you, walk around freely in valleys surrounded by vineyards getting mesmerized by the beauty of olive groves, turn back in time walking among streets that smells history… Since the ancient times, the region become famous for its vines and accepted as essential by the ions, Persians Romans and lastly by the turks.

Vineyard route. is located only 45 km. away from Biblos.

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Feel Aegean Region in your soul and in your taste buds.

Drawing attention with its history, local tastes, cultural and natural wealth, Urla is a hidden heaven among olive trees and vineyards away from the chaos of city life.

Urla which is one of the oldest settlements of Aegean region is also one the the oldest known ports of the world…

Once was a home to oldest olive oil craftsmanship in Anatolia, Urla in ancient times was an important trade center for olive oil production.

While you are at Biblos, another important reason to visit Urla is the world famous vine and of course Vineyard route… Walking among the vineyards that offers amazing views, attending festivals during harvest season, tasting local cheese and vine are offering a one of a kind possibility for you to experience this miraculous geography.

Urla is located only 49 km. away from Biblos.

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Alaçatı is the indispensable address for fishing enthusiasts where bringing together the Turkish best fishermen also considered as one of Europe’s most important organization hosts, the Big Fish tournament.

You can also come across Trança, one of the most delicious fish of the Aegean in its season in the region’s rich sea of ​​fish.

Another interesting experience in Alaçatı Marketplace area is the Fish Auction. Every morning at 11:00 in the auction building located on the market road, fresh fish are sold. It is very exciting to watch this contentious auction.

6.3 km away from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

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Walk through the pages of history in Ephesus which is a marvelous antique metropolis.

In this huge antique city which withstands time with its unique architecture, right alongside Artemis Temple which is one of the seven wonders of the world and which is based upon Anatolia’s goddess Kybele’s tradition, witness closely the urbanization, architecture and religious history of ancient civilizations, primarily Rome and Hellenistic Period.

Celcus Library which is one of the most famous remains that identifies with Ephesus and admired with its amazing standing pillars, will mesmerize you.

Located in the same direction, places such as Ayasuluk Ruins, Ephesus Museum, St. Jean Ruins and Ephesus Hillside Houses are as well among the historical wealth that you must see.

From Biblos, only a 155km of trip can take you to the ancient capital of Anatolia; Ephesus.

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This house, believed that the mother of Jesus Christ spent her last years with St Jean (John), is a very important place of worship for the Christians, which is considered a place of pilgrimage by the Vatican. The structure is reached by passing through the upper gate of the Ancient City. Christian historians say that the Virgin Mary lived here until the age of 101, and that her tomb was in a place that no one knew on Bülbül Mountain. While you’re there, don’t forget to write your wishes on a piece of paper and hang them on the wall next to the fountains.

The House of the Virgin Mary is located 115 km from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

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Spend a day in the cutest village of Aegean Region…

A unique Aegean Village with its characteristic Greek houses, architectural texture and lush nature.

In Şirince village, mother nature is simply in need of constant production. This unique village which is located at 650 m. above the sea level offers a picturesque scene with its fruit and olive gardens, fields and Ephesus plain that lies in front of it until the sea.

It is possible to admire Şirince village’s unique architecture, taste fruity vines pertain to the region and discover local tastes by only going on a trip which is 160 km. from Biblos.

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Who is happy?
This is a person, who has a healthy body, is dowered with peace of mind and cultivates his talents.
-Thales of Miletos


It is known that the first centre of Klazomenai, one of the 12 Ionian cities, located on the area just in front of today’s Urla pier, was moved to the island directly opposite the pier in fear of being attacked by the Persians. Be sure to visit Klazomenai, the oldest harbour in history, the oldest olive oil production facility dating back to the 6th century BC and the Limantepe Mound, which emerged during the Chalcolithic Age.

Klazomenai is 81,5 km from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

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Çeşme is a well-known town on the Aegean Coast. The beaches are golden, the sea is cold, and the atmosphere is friendly. It is one of the attraction centres where you can have a pleasant time in the region with its unique shops, local restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment spots…

Çeşme Marina is one of the most important yacht harbours of the Eastern Mediterranean which has the capacity of 400 boats at sea and 100 boats on land and can serve yachts up to 60 meters long.

The famous Çeşme castle, built in rectangular form by 2nd Beyazıt in 1508 has a magnificent view with its 6 towers and ditches on three sides. When you visit the historical castle where various cultural art events, festivals and concerts are held today, don’t forget to take a photo with the statue of the Great Turkish commander, Admiral in Chief Algerian Hasan Pasha with his lion.

Çeşme is located 15 minutes from Biblos Resort, Alaçatı.

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