Cookie Policy


Whenever you visit our website, information about your access and usage of the website is collected with several data collection tools or by the third parties who are our business partners using the relevant technologies and such information is processed in compliance with law in order to make our website handier, more efficient and safer.


Cookies are very small text files mostly consisting of letters and digits and they store the users in the browsers when a website is visited. Websites of a person keep the searches made on them in the browser history. They keep the acts on the website in the browser records and permit a website. Cookies are like ID cards and they show the visitors when they visited the website again. Cookies do not contain visitor’s personal data like their names, sex or address information.


Cookies which are administered by the site owner are called website cookies. Besides these third party cookies which are administered by different companies can also be used. While the session cookies are deleted after the visitor has left the website, permanent cookies are maintained in the visitor’s devices for different periods. Cookies are also classified as technical cookies, validation cookies, targeting/advertisement cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies on the basis of their usage purpose. Cookies can be used to perform the basic functions required for the operation of the website, to analyze the website and improve its performance, to increase the functionality of the website and to improve the ease of use and perform personalization targeting and advertisement activities.


Your preferences on your personal data to be collected while you use our website are very significant for us. On the other hand, we should remind you that it is required to use the cookies for the efficient operation of the websites and several functions of the website cannot be used if cookies are disabled. You have the right to customize your preferences by changing the setup of the browser which you use to view our website. If the browser you use offers you this configuration option, you can customize your cookie preferences via browser setup. In this way, on the basis of the options offered with the browser, the data owners might avoid the use of cookies, be warned before any cookie usage or disable or delete only definite cookies. The cookie options are different in each browser and the relevant configuration should be made by you. You have to configure your cookie preferences in each device you use for accessing to our website.


Pursuant to the provisions of Article 11 of Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, you have the following rights

  • To learn whether your personal data has been processed or not,

  • To demand information if your personal data has been processed,

  • To learn the purpose of personal data processing and if it is used in compliance with this purpose,

  • To know third persons to whom personal data has been transferred within Turkey or abroad,

  • To demand the correction of personal data if it has been processed wrongly and demand the notification of the transactions performed for this purpose to the third persons to whom personal data has been transferred,

  • To demand deletion or destruction of personal data when the reasons for processing are over although the relevant personal data has been processed in compliance with Law other relevant legislations and to demand the notification of the transactions performed for this purpose to the third persons to whom personal data has been transferred,

  • To object any conclusion against the person himself as a result of analysis of processed personal data exclusively with automatic systems,

  • To demand indemnification if you are subject to any damage due to the illegal processing of personal data,

When you demand to use any of these rights, we shall conclude your demand sent to us via your (personal data rights owner’s) registered electronic mail address and inform you within 30 (thirty) days. Although no payment is demanded for such demands, we have the right to demand the payment of a fee which is determined by us on the basis of the price tariff issued by Personal Data Protection Board. Please read KVKK CLARIFICATION TEXT published at our website for more detailed information about this issue.


With this policy we aim to make detailed explanations about cookie usage and inform you about the cookie preferences. Within this context, we shall accept that you have given your confirmation to our policy when you visit website and the pages contained in that website. You have the right to change your cookie preferences at any time. We can change the provisions of this policy at any time. Updated Policies shall be in force when they are published at our website.