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BIBLOS RESORTS ALACATI has undertaken the principle of providing confidentiality of the personal information you have shared with us. For these purposes,  this Confidentiality Policy was formed to inform you in the process of operation of the website (“Website”) operated by  Biblos Alacati Turizm Yatirimlari AS (“Biblos Resort”) with regard  to the information shared by the Website Users / Visitors (“Data Holder”) or the data produced by Biblos Resort while the Data Holder is using the site, in addition to giving the terms and conditions. The service to be provided by Biblos Resort will be referred to as “Service”.


Under the “Confidentiality Policy”, the information on your identity (name, surname, TR ID Number etc.), address, phone data, profession, IP address, bank account numbers or such other information which could be associated with you (“Personal Data”) while the Private Data being a special type thereof is your race, ethnical origins, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, wear, association, foundation or syndicate membership, medial, sex life, criminal convictions and security measures related data as well as biometric or genetic data (“Private Data”).

Processing the Personal Data means acquiring, recording, storing, saving, altering, rearranging, explaining, transmission, taking over, converting them to in an acquirable form, classifying, or preventing its use or similar procedures that are carried out on the Personal Data either entirely or partially or on the condition to be part of any data recording system  through entirely or partially automatic, or on the condition to be a part of any data system, non- automatically.


As a part of the offered service, We, Biblos Furthermore,  cookies are used in the Site in order to improve user experience, provide efficient operation of the website and follow up the statistical data. Some of the personal data referred to above can be acquired using some cookies and the users will be deemed to have accepted use of such cookies by using the Website. Please see our Biblos Resort Cookie Policy to obtain information on the function of the cookies, as to which cookies are used, purpose of use and alter your cookie preferences [GM1]

The data which become irrevocably anonymous will not be assumed as personal data under KVKK and the processing  in relation with such data will take place notwithstanding the Confidentiality Policy.


Your personal data can be processed to provide best services by Biblos Resort, to realize your demands or expectations using the products and services offered, to offer our clients with a required service level, hospitability and personal experience, performance of necessary planning, evaluation or works by our business units in the process of our client’s using our products or services, correspondence, notifications or reservations related to our accommodation services, offering products or services after customizing according to wishes, usage habits and requirement of third parties, following up demands, recommendations or complaints from third parties, customer satisfaction management, and planning, statistics and satisfaction studies, determination and application of commercial, legal or business strategies, for the purposes of provision legal, technical, commercial or business security provision of the related parties who are in business relation with Biblos Resort.

Your personal data can also be processed in order to give a better and more reliable service, provide sustainability, carry out quality evaluation and improving works, to provide third parties for their performance as service provider in technical, logistical or purposes hereof, in order to carry out such services.

Biblos Resort may share your personal data with outsource service providers, legal offices, authorized bodies or corporations, research companies, storage, archiving, IT support service providers, consulting companies or such other third parties in  order to improve Data Owner experience (including improvement and customization), to provide Data Owner’s security, to determine illegal or unauthorized uses, to perform operational evaluations, to remedy the failures related to site services or to realize any purpose listed hereunder, including the providers who send SMS, email or other  transmissions.

Furthermore, part of the personal data referred to hereunder and acquired by Biblos Resort may be shared with advertisers in order to adapt the ads to target mass, only along with the information of other users. In this scope, no personal data is provided, they are used only to carry out some analyses on the user tendencies in a group, carrying out statistical studies with anonymized data and for the purposes of segmentation.

Biblos Resort may disclose your Personal Data due to any one of the following reasons: (i) legal requirements; (ii)  to comply administrative or judicial proceedings, or justice office requests; (iii) to carry our Service Requirements; (iv) to preserve its operations; (v) to protect rights, confidentiality, security or properties of third parties to take reasonable measures or to limit any losses which could be encountered.

No third party other than Biblos Resort is able to access or alter these information without your approval.

When you carry out your transactions in the Website, you accept provision of the data to Explanation Text”, [GM2] you can submit your demands to Data Officer along with your application satisfying the Communiqué on Application Procedure  and terms to our KEP address  to our e-mail address kvk@biblosresorts.comthrough e-signed statement or to our address Alaçatı Mah.18012 Sok. No:2/A Çeşme/İZMİR    with original signature or through a notary public.

Your demands will be handled and concluded  as soon as possible, latest within 30 days.

Biblos Resort may either accept the demands or refuse them stating the grounds, and we may submit such reply to the demanding person in writing or electronic media. In case the demand is accepted, we, Biblos Resort are obliged to perform accordingly. In case your demands are refused by Biblos Resort or you are not satisfied from the response, or are not replied at all, or reply has not been served to you within 30 days from your being informed, you may place complaint with the Board of Personal Data Protection within 30 days from expiry of such 30 days period,

In addition to this, if you do not want to receive any commercial e-mails regarding the service provided by Biblos Resort, you can use your relevant refusal right freely through the statement to be sent to


Biblos Resort will  keep your Personal Data as long as required for processing under this “Confidentiality  Policy”, unless a longer keeping period is required or such data keeping is not allowed.

Additionally, Biblos Resort may preserve the personal data through the time lapse period as specified in relevant legislation in case of a dispute between him and the Data Owner, limited with the Resort Alacati, as the service provided may collect, maintain and/or transmit your data under the “Confidentiality Policy”. Such Personal Data processing will be carried out in line with the Personal Data Protection Code (“KVKK”) 6698.

This “Confidentiality Policy” does not reflect the confidentiality practices of third parties to whom data is transmitted  and BIBLOS will assume no obligation for their confidentiality policies and/or personal data processing. This “Confidentiality Policy” does not cover the practices beyond control of Biblos Resort, the information collected by third party websites and/or platform, the information collected by third parties through the links on BIBLOS website  or the titles, campaigns or other ads or introductions  on the third party websites sponsored and/or participated by Biblos Resort. Biblos Resort will not be responsible for the transactions related to the personal data collected or used by third parties through their own websites, and in the case you give your personal information on those sites, use or visit them, their confidentiality policy and service terms will apply.


Under  this heading, some of your personal data are processed under the Services provided by Alacati. Such personal data could contain the following: Your ID information, communication information, user / client transaction data (the data  directly related to your reservations, the information on your accommodation at the Hotel and your visit, your Product or service purchase information etc.), payment data, the information on the people accommodating along with you, marketing and communication preference records, IP address, the pages you monitored in our website, your mobile device ID data, if you have used your mobile device, and any information which you provided to us and approved or we can acquire from third parties after your explicit approval can be collected, processed and recorded by us similar functions on our behalf.

Furthermore, your personal data can be used, subject to your explicit consent, for other marketing communication for promotion, campaign, offer, bulletin, activity or similar information aimed at our products and services.

We are processing your personal data collected in line with the foregoing purposes based on one or several  legal reasons counted below:

  • Your explicit consent,
  • The laws or regulations effective in Turkish Republic requires such processing,
  • When you cannot state your consent due to actual impossibility, its being obligatory for your or another person’s life or body integrity,
  • Its being necessary for the performance of the contract we executed with you or your company,
  • Its being necessary to process your personal data for the purposes of performing our legal obligations,
  • Your personal data being publicized by yourself,
  • Its being necessary for protection of our legal or contractual rights at Biblos Resort,
  • On the condition not to impair your fundamental rights or freedoms, processing your personal data is necessary for our legitimate interest.

We preserve your entire personal data processed by us as per KVKK and other legislation and in any case, as long as the foregoing legitimate purposes survive, by taking entire administrative or technical measures.


Biblos Alacati may transfer the personal data of the Data Owner to  third parties either in or outside of Turkey, who provide services to Biblos Resort for the necessary third parties (banks, credit card companies etc.). The information to be shared are all financial data including credit card number, date of expiry and CVV2. Such information are not processed or stored by Biblos Resort. The current summarized transaction data related to such transaction however might be processed by Biblos Resort without covering credit card and/or bank account data.


In relation with your data processed within Biblos Resort, you have the below counted rights:

  1. To learn whether or not your personal data are processed,
  2. If your personal data are processed, to obtain information thereon,
  3. To learn the processing purpose of your personal data and whether or not they are used in line their purpose,
  4. If any, IDs of the third parties to whom the data is transmitted in Turkey or in abroad, and as to which data have been transmitted,
  5. If the processed personal data is missing or incorrect, to request their correction,
  6. In case your personal data is corrected, deleted or destroyed, requesting information of third parties who have been transmitted your data,
  7. In case the reasons requiring processing of your personal data are no longer valid, or if your personal data is not up to date, requesting deletion or destroying of your processed personal data,
  8. Objecting to a situation against you after analysis of your processed personal data exclusively using automatic systems,
  9. In case you suffer damages due to illegal processing of your personal data, you have the right to request remedy of the losses.

For the applications related to your foregoing demands, you can check “Biblos Resort Personal Data Protection purpose of defense required under such dispute.


Biblos Resort hereby represents and warrants that it will keep  the personal data confidential, to consider such obligation as necessary and provide their reasonable preservation, to do its best and to take necessary measures in an effort  to protect  necessary and reasonable integrity of such data, to take necessary measures to prevent publishing or unauthorized use or disclosure to third parties of the said personal data either partially or entirely so that they are not subjected to any lost, abuse or illegal performance.

In case there are links to other applications on the website, Biblos Resort does not assume any responsibility with regard to the confidentiality policies and their contents.

You can forward your questions, concerns or complaints on interpretation and  application of this Policy to the below given contact address:


Biblos Alaçatı Turizm Yatırımları A.Ş.

Alaçatı Mahallesi, 18012 Sokak 2/A 35930 Çeşme, İzmir Türkiye