Biblos Lovers Loyalty Program


The below given information are the principles for attendance to Biblos Alacati Loyalty Program (“Program”). The purposes of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) is to protect Biblos Alacati Loyalty Program Members (“Members”) and Biblos Alacati (“Biblos”).

Your attendance to this Program will be subject to these Terms & Conditions.

In case you need explanations or further information, please contact to the nearest Biblos Alaçatı Reservation Department or send an e-mail to the address It must however be noted that the Terms and Conditions of the Program cannot be renewed or amended without written approval of Biblos.

The Program Memberships and the Benefits of the Program will be offered subject to Biblos’ discretion. Biblos Alacati Turizm Yatirimlari A.S. will be entire and only owner of the Program.

The Terms and Conditions of the Program will be subject to Turkish Laws and interpreted thereunder.The Program will have no pre-determined deadline while Biblos may sustain the Program any time by or without informing to terminate the Program. The Members will have 1 (one) month time to use their benefits as from the date the ending of the Program has been notified. Namely, whatever your participation amount in the Program is, your right to use the benefits may be ended by Biblos on the date 1 (one) month later from servicing the notice of termination by Biblos.

Biblos reserves the right to  amend the rules, procedures, terms or benefits related to the Program subject to its own discretion, by or without serving notice, either as adding, renewing, deleting or other means of amendment, even if such amendments would affect the benefits or the Confirmations compiled until that time.

Only the persons who are of full legal age in the country they live may participate and become Member of the Program (referred to as the persons accepted by Biblos as members). Corporations, companies, foundations or groups will not be allowed to attend the Program.

Program Membership grants the rights to use the benefits subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Program. The Members will not be entitled to hold nor can receive benefits  from several accounts.

Biblos will reserve the right to freeze or terminate the membership in the event it is found out that the Member acts in violation of the Terms and Conditions or any part of the Program. Biblos, also reserves the right to terminate membership in case reasonable grounds have occurred for a suspicion, or totally subject to its own discretion, has and reaches to the opinion that any Member carries out the following acts:

-Violates the related local laws, regulations or legal arrangements,

-Does not comply with or violates the Terms and Conditions of the Program,

-Carries out any counterfeit, dishonesty, theft, misuse or any unacceptable act in relation with the account, including but not limited to member benefits,

-Performs a physical, verbal or written derogatory, counterfeiting or disturbing, unacceptable, hostile or unfriendly act in the Biblos’ hotel to the guests or employees or any one of Biblos, its employees or contractors, or,

-Fails  to pay any invoice or account payable to Biblos.

The entire compiled benefits or privileges may be terminated  due to termination of membership as such. Biblos, in addition to terminating the membership, will, subject to its own discretion,  reserve the right to file administrative and/or legal cases or lawsuits including but not limited to criminal prosecution.

No party other than Biblos can sell or exchange the benefits of the Program. In the event it has the opinion that the advantages have been transferred, sold or allocated in violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Program, Biblos may cancel or seize the benefits.

Entire interpretations related to the Terms and Conditions of the Program will be subject to Biblos’ discretion.

Every Member is obliged to have information on the Terms and Conditions as well as the benefits of the Program. Biblos may but is not obliged to serve or transmit letters or notifications to the Members for making suggestions on their fields of interest,  including any notifications related to the Program Amendments. Biblos  will not be deemed responsible or obliged due to any failure or malfunctioning, or incorrect or deficient copying of the membership data, the problems related to the Member or the equipment or software used by the Member, human errors, any interruptions, deletions, skipping, faults or phone network line or electronic transmission line failures, computer equipment or software problems, failure to access to or reach any Website or online services, technical or non-technical errors, lost, delayed, stolen, ineligible, missing, incorrect, incorrectly sent or impaired letters or other mails or emails.

Every member is personally responsible for creating his / her private account access data and providing safety thereof. In the case the safety of such data is violated by the Member or a third party, Biblos will assume no obligation due to arising account transactions. In no case, Biblos will be responsible to compensate the damages or losses to the Member due to such unauthorized access. If he Member finds out any counterfeit act, he / she must inform Biblos in writing within 90 days from occurrence of such counterfeit act and must provide all other information or cooperation as required.

Every Member will be responsible for informing any changes in the communication data.