The Resort

Through our cultural fabric, unique nature, hospitality, refined style,
luxurious service philosophy, and a history that dates back 7000 years,
we are dedicated to creating the most beautiful moments for you. 

Immerse yourself in the traces of centuries-old history,

the mysterious texture of cultures, and the enchantment of art.

The stone structures and craftsmanship that form the identity of
Alaçatı, brought to life by stories accumulated over centuries
and dating back 7000 years, not only support architecture but
also serve as living pieces of cultural heritage that carry the art
of past masters to the present.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating and timeless stone
craftsmanship, Biblos meticulously preserves original stone walls,
reflecting the expertise on them. The perfect harmony of
architecture, nature, and history evokes admiration.

The magnificent structures of Biblos, such as palaces and temples from ancient times, are known for their
aesthetic richness, with mosaic art often used as decoration on walls and floors, showcasing splendid examples
that serve as a storytelling medium.

To immortalize the living culture of Biblos, Lebanese mosaic artist, along with a team of 300 students from
Hatay, brings the most elaborate element of Biblos architecture, the wall mosaics, to life with their enchanting
narratives and craftsmanship, preserving this unique cultural heritage for today.

The silk handwoven Nepal carpets, each telling a different story through
their patterns, textures, artistic touches, and the dazzling sheen of silk,
invite you to live within a work of art as they illuminate your room.
Transforming into a radiant fairy tale with the sunset, Biblos Gardens
adorned with the vibrant designs of glass art become a truly remarkable
piece of artwork that is worth seeing.